design packages
Packages or bundles are design services that have been grouped together mostly for new businesses who are looking for multiple services at once. It makes sense to purchase a package since you know that you’ll need the assets to start your business. The packages that you’ll find are the most requested items, however, if you need to add a project to your package don’t hesitate to get in touch for a quote.

Packages or design bundles available

Logo Packages – Pick a logo package that best suits your needs.
Website Packages – Stand out from the crowd with a professionally designed website.
Start-up Packages – These packages include a logo, business card, website design, and more.

Introduction to Packages


It always comes down to time and complexity. Certain projects take a lot of time like website development, others have more subtle differences like in the example:

Request A: Design a new logo design and a new business card
Request B: Updating your existing business card with a new address and phone number
Request C: Refresh the colours on the card, and the address and phone number for 3 separate people

As you can see Request A is for entirely new designs to created, both a logo and business card. Request B is simply updating some information on the card. While Request C is a combination of changes. The pricing for each will be different.

Pricing Tips: An increased number of concepts, revisions, or a decreased turnaround time will increase the cost of your project. Contact me for a checklist on how to get prepared to start a project in help you stay on budget.


The most labour intensive aspect of all the work a designer does is developing concepts. Before the ‘art’ or concepts can be started I need to look at my client’s needs, their customer’s needs, and the industry in which my client is doing business.

This means I need to ask my clients the right questions so that I can do adequate research on which to base the concepts. The creative concepts are a visual representation of my client (you) + your customer + your industry that help create an effective brand.

Number of Concepts: A project allows for 2-3 concepts – which is standard. If you aren’t sure what you need, or you aren’t able to provide answers in key areas from the questionnaire, then more time is involved and that will increase the cost of your project.


Each time you request that a change or adjustment to a design or the content of a design it’s referred to as a ‘revision’.

Rounds of Revisions Tip: To keep the number of revisions your receive with your project on track it’s best to diligent and detail oriented. Before sending me (or your designer) your request for changes ensure that everyone who needs to offer input has seen and commented. Ask your business partner/s, department co-worker/s, boss, committee members to provide their remarks and changes in a consistent and clear manner. Then compile all the revisions together into one document and send it to me.


This refers to the timeframe which you require your project to completed within. Like with pricing, turnaround time is also dependent on the complexity and size of your project. Rush projects that require a quick turnaround will incur extra fees or be billed at a higher rate.

Staying on track with your deadline is important. Often a project being delivered late means that extra costs were incurred because of an increased round of revisions. Late projects can also mean you lose out on sales because of the delay.

Turnaround Time Tips: At the beginning of a project your designer will provide you with a Scope of Work or Workback Schedule. These tools are used so that both parties have access to the tasks that must be completed by an agreed upon time. It’s important that you’re familiar with these tasks and keeps track of important deadlines. These plans aren’t written in stone, they’re often updated to reflect changes, and are an efficient and effective way of communicating. Turnaround time is also affected by how well you communicate and how organized you are the beginning of your project.